How about a story or two?



The Cave

       One sunny afternoon I was on my class field trip. We were going to a bat cave. When we got to the cave I couldn't believe my eyes I saw a gigantic bat! No! Wait! I got closer and saw that is was a fire breathing dragon! It had bright green scales and it's teeth were as long as my arm. Everyone got crushed and was killed except me. As I ran out I saw a skeleton in a corner wearing armor and holding a sword. I really wanted to be a knight for Halloween so I changed into the armor and grabbed the sword and shield. I raced toward the fire breathing dragon and slashed it like it was ham. I always wondered what a dragon tasted like so... I ate it! It tasted like fried shrimp!


My Favorite Jacket

    I love my jacket because it is very soft. It has fur inside and makes me cozy and warm. I take it almost everywhere I go. It is black with peach colored stripes. I have been wearing it for almost two years and I still love it a lot. One day my mom gave me a different jacket to wear. I told her no I didn't like the other jacket. I took my favorite and put it on and went to school. My jacket feels like a friend to me. When I misplace it I won't stop looking for it. When it doesn't fit me anymore I will give it to my little brother. Whenever I wear it I con't stop thinking about how warm and comfortable it is!


A Seminole Boy

    One summer morning with the ball of gold called the sun shining down, Red Eyed Hawk went hunting for the first time. First he went into the Sweatroom where no girl or woman was allowed to go. He uses a scraper that his father, Brave Buffalo has made especially for him to scrape off his scent. Then he washes up while his mom, Swift Deer, is gathering some berries to eat.

     Red Eyed Hawk's friend, Blue Eyed Rabbit is joining the hunt. Carefully they walk through the forest with the icy cold wind blowing fast in their face blowing their scent away from their prey. Suddenly they see a golden brown deer all chubby standing there. Red Eyed Hawk said, "There is a feast in front of us." They crawled behind a tree. BANG! They shot the deer! The boys were excited. They tied the deer with rabbit skins to a stick and brought it home. They cut the fur off. Then they cut the meat into strips to dry. They will save it to eat in the cold of winter.


My Room

    My brother David and I share a room, but my sister always comes in and makes a big mess and we have to clean it up. She puts clothes in our closet, and we throw them out. It's our room, not hers. The other things she does is she combs her hair in our room. She is annoying! Sometimes she listens to music and does her 5th grade homework in our room too.

       One day she hooked her black sweater on a hook on our door. My brother got the sweater and hid it, and we didn't tell anyone where it was. Too bad we had to give it back or our dad was going to hit us. She should stay in her own room!

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